Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Research Paper Outline Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Research Paper Outline - Assignment Example Groves (2010) argues that schools that do not have a policy for dressing usually have problems in the sense that students tend to put on all manner of clothing, some of which border on indecency and controversy. Some clothes worn by students to schools conflict the school policies in terms of dressing code and ethical standards. In this regard, means that the school administrators have a hard time trying to ensure that all students dress appropriately while in school. It implies that much of the precious time that would have been used on instructional leadership is spent on attending to and solving dressing issues. According to (Mathison & Ross, 2008).  Some of the clothing-related conflicts arise from difference in socio-economic status of students that determine the brands of clothes that they wear. Allowing school uniforms to be mandated for public school systems will minimize the wear of baggy clothing that can be used to hide weapons.  Additionally, uniforms eliminate the wear of â€Å"gang related colors† which can lead to becoming and unknown target of opportunity.   Baron (2013) gives a classic example of the student who wore baggy clothing unleashing more than ten guns that he had hid in his clothes. In the age of school violence, especially in America, school administrators should not allow baggy clothes and oversized shorts in the school compounds. The boy hid ten kinds of different ammunitions in his oversized shorts and perhaps the trend is even more serious in other schools without the uniform policy. While the supporters of school uniforms agree that schools uniforms significantly reduce incidences of violence and crime in public schools, some parents and students see this policy as an infringement to personal freedom (Alexander & Alexander, 2012).  They argue that the uniform policy where all students must be clad in navy pants or skirts and white shirts is

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