Tuesday, September 10, 2019

GLL Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

GLL - Essay Example The fund can be utilised in the following sectors for building the swim centre: Hiring of Pool Contractor The foremost task is to hire a pool contractor to get the best economical value for the pool design. 1% of the total funding will be spend to appoint an appropriate contractor for the project, who will help in choosing the most economical pool structure for the ladies in Tower Hamlets. Cost to the Contractor The contractor takes the entire responsibility of constructing the swimming pool and charges a specific amount for that. 50% of the total funding can be kept aside for allocating the job to a contractor. The objective is to get the best value for investment and thus 2% has been allocated for contractor selection. Allocation of job to contractor lifts the hazards of the complex task and can provide adequate time for utilisation in other activities. Extra Features Certain amount of funding should be allocated for creating an â€Å"X factor† in the swim centre. ... Equipments such as swimming pool furniture, pool thermometers, centrifugal motor pump and hose pipe are the most basic ones. An allocation of 19% of the total funding has to be made for purchasing these equipments in the initial stage. Lighting and Heating The lighting and heating amenities need to be designed in a well structured manner in order to avoid any disaster in the future. Women prioritise safety and security the most. Thus, maintenance of highest quality lighting and heating facilities will attract and encourage women to join the centre. 5% of the fund needs to be allocated for this purpose. Promoting The centre will remain a gravestone as long as it is not being promoted. Thus, a lot of emphasis needs to be provided to the marketing aspect of the project. The remaining 15% of the fund should be utilised in promoting the swim centre within the locality of Tower Hamlets. All the facilities that will be specially designed for a ladies swim centre should be promoted. Operatin g Costs The amount of funding in maintaining the operating expenses would be derived from the operating incomes after the project gets started. However, it is essential to keep in mind that sufficient amount of fund should be utilised in maintenance and cleanliness of the swim centre. Adequate and appropriate chemicals should be used for keeping the swimming pool clean and unsullied everyday. Maintenance is extremely important for providing the best look to the swim centre around the locality. For example, vinyl and concrete linings should be refreshed once in every 5 years. A continuous checking and verifying are necessary for a swim centre to be successful in encouraging people to join (HomeHelp4U, 2011). Summary of the Above

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