Monday, September 23, 2019

Advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Advertising - Essay Example In excess, advertising helps in the branding of a product in that it identifies the distinct traits of the manufacturer of the product from the other manufacturers. In effect, it helps to emphasize the brand to which a consumer associates with the product (Trehan 67). It also serves as an informational tool as the price of the product may sometimes reflect in the advertisement. In other instances, an advertisement also serves as an assurance to employees and the company shareholders that the company is still operational. Usually, sponsors pay adverts to run on various media tools, which may be either audio or visual depending with the sponsor preference. They are mainly for commercial purposes as they seek to brand products and services through repetitive showing of an image or product name in their showing. Through the repetition, the consumer is able to familiarize him or herself with the qualities of a product or service through the advert. In contrast, some advertisements may be non-commercial in that their intention is not make any profit but just passing information. Mainly, political parties, faith based and non-governmental organizations explore these commercials by spending money to air them as a public service announcement. In essence, this paper will examine an advertisement placed on a popular magazine to bring out its effectiveness in achieving an anticipated wider market base. How the advertisement functions This product is new to the market. Therefore, this advertisement serves as an introductory approach to the consumer. It gives the product name and an appealing design that instantly attracts the eye. The colors used also reflect the sophistication in that the product is of high quality. Essential, an advertisement can appeal to a consumer in two ways. For one, the information given may have a rational appeal in that it reflects the quality of the product (Trehan 226). This may be in terms of its durability, great performance, and affordability of the product and its location. On the other hand, the product information given in the advert may have an emotional appeal in that it gives a sense of assurance, pride, customer satisfaction levels, and its recognizable ability in the market (Trehan 118). For instance, this advertisement gives the emotional appeal to the market as it portrays all the above-mentioned qualities. In addition, this advertisement has the fear appeal in that it portrays the consequences of not using this product, which would be to go to a dentist (Trehan133). This evokes fear to the readers, thus, they have no option but to buy the product. How the constitutive elements combine to try to sell the product There has been effective color use to try to draw the attention of the reader into taking notice of the advert. Essentially, when dull colors take centre stage the chances of the advert making impact are very low. In addition, the advert portrays the image of the product that is available for retail. T herefore, the reader is able to relate to the product’s appearance. This will be helpful when they go to buy the product, as they will be able to spot it in a store’s shelf. Additionally, the wording involved is one that cannot escape one’s eye, as they are readable and clear. They are visible enough from a distance thus a reader needs not strain to capture what the advert is trying to sell. Moreover, it is the giving of the location where the product is available at makes it easy for the intended consumer to know where to get it. As an additional element, the advert gives all the good attributes associated with the use of their product, which draws a

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