Thursday, July 25, 2019

Treaty of Varsailles - P3ip Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Treaty of Varsailles - P3ip - Essay Example Accordingly, more than two million young German men lost their lives during the Great War and our cities remain deserted and destroyed following this unfortunate war. We, the German people, take issue with many of the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles and respectfully submit our challenges to a document which we believe does not but punish the suffering German people and lay the groundwork for future conflict on this great continent we share. We turn to the American delegation and plead for a just and amicable resolution to the Great War. We do not seek to provoke further animosity with our neighbors and believe that a peaceful settlement can be reached, provided that the understanding that we have all suffered in this dreadful conflict, is brought to the fore (Boemeke et al., 2009). First and foremost Germany takes issue with the â€Å"War Guilt† clause which stipulates that we alone are guilty of this War. We cannot forget the more than two million young German men lost their lives during the Great War and it would be dishonorable to tarnish their legacy by declaring exclusive guilt for the travesty which befell all of our people. With respect to land and the seemingly unilateral desire to take German land away from our people including Alsace-Lorraine, Eupen and Malmedy, Northern Schleswig, Hultschin West Prussia, Posen and Upper Silesia, we must object. The annexation of this land by foreign powers will do more to sow disharmony between the Western Powers and Germany and we seriously hope that the division of Germany by the victors in this terrible conflict will be reconsidered. Furthermore, we believe that a â€Å"League of Nations† which excludes the great nation of Germany will be unrepresentative of the civilized people of this earth and fo r it to work in the manner in which it is presently being designed it

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