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The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Yellow Wallpaper - Essay Example She can see life in the wallpaper, life in a trapped woman. The woman is told to be trying to flee herself. She eventually is released from the trap on the last day of the vacation, when the husband opens the room. The character eventually identifies herself as the woman in the yellow wallpaper. Logan Thomas directed the film, the Yellow wallpaper in 2011. The yellow wallpaper is a horror film about a family that rents a new house following the burning of their old house. The family, consisting of Gilman, her husband Dr. John and their daughter Jennie, lose their previous house, their belongings and their beloved daughter Sarah to the fire. They are forced to relocate to a rented house by circumstances. It is at this house that horrific things happen. The town is odd, with the only route to town leading them to a dessert, wolves’ attacks, and some seem to be living right in the house, behind a yellow wallpaper (Thomas). The movie has various aspects that are similar to the sho rt story. Looking at the characters, there is a distinct comparison, in that they are the same. The main characters in the short story are Gilman and her husband, who is a doctor. Both characters recur in the movie. A feeling of a depressed feminine character has been sparked out in both cases, by the same character. Gilman, in the short story, is depressed and suffering from post partum trauma, soon after she gave birth. She suffers alone in a room found in a rented apartment, where they are on a three-week vacation. The depressive condition leads the character to visualizing presence of another person trapped in the wallpaper. The depression recurs in the movie, to the same character, and again due to a child. However, in the movie, the child died after their former house was gutted down. The character, in the movie, has visualizations of the daughter, and later in the movie, there is a character living in seclusion, in the house, behind the wallpaper. There are various remarkable differences between the yellow wallpaper movie and short story. To begin with, the horror aspect found in the movie is peculiar to the short story. The short story involves human characters alone who are living in a rented apartment while on vacation. The movie ends with infestation of the characters house by wolves. Another remarkable difference between the two pieces of art is the condition leading to their seclusion. In the short story, there is a case two newlyweds, Gilman and the husband, renting a house for the summer vacation. The woman had recently had a child. She was however suffering from post partum depression, a condition that saw her mental recess. In the movie, the condition arises from the burning up of their house. The fire reduced them to desperation until a stranger assists with an idea of a house. The man offers them carriage to their new home. Another difference arises from the cause of the trauma; Gilman, in the movie, unlike in the story, is depressed by the loss of her daughter Sarah, who was consumed by the fire. Other contradictions in the story arise from presence of other characters in the movie not present in the story. Jennie is seen bringing her friend who is reluctantly accepted into their house by her parents. The mode of seclusion in both cases differs as well; in the short stor

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