Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Christopher Columbus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Christopher Columbus - Essay Example The western colonization was on its way and Europeans were keen to discover new land and to take maximum advantage of the resources they offer. His first voyage was in 1492 but he couldn’t reach America during that and his third voyage lead him to the new world in 1498. He never thought to discover America; it was India which he was searching. And neither was he the only and the earliest European explorer to find America. The people already living there are refers as Indians and the reason is that Columbus thought he reached India and that’s why he referred them as Indian. Columbus’ discovery played an important part in the growing economy and imperialism of European powers at that time, the economic competition was growing between the European countries and all of them were in search of new colonies and trade routes. So his discovery was a break through in the economic competition. Americans and Spanish celebrate Columbus Day every year in the anniversary of the great discovery by Christopher Columbus. It is believed that he was born in Republic of Genoa which is located in the Italy, 1 and married to a Portuguese woman. His father was a middle class wool weaver and he got two brothers and a sister. Due to the poor financial conditions of his family, he did not take any proper education and start working at sea. According to his writing, he first went to the sea at the age of ten. His first voyage was in a service to Rene I of Anjou; Columbus was assisting him in his quest to conquer the Kingdom of Naples. Since then he started his career and went to different voyages in different areas. Though there is no existing portrait of Columbus present in this world but still there are few on which we usually rely. Though an official portrait was drawn by Alejo Fernandez and the title of that was Virgeon de los Navengates. 2 From different writings we can get the idea that the Columbus was a red

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