Thursday, August 29, 2019

Marketing Trends Starbucks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing Trends Starbucks - Essay Example The market structure is not very complicated in the coffee segment as there are not that many reputed players in the coffee market. Unlike what we see in segments like in the mobile phone market, some of the well known competitors of Starbucks include McDonalds Corporation, Dunkin Brands, Inc. and Nestlà ©. Having a strong brand image and a loyal customer base certainly helps the company, but in order to ward off the threat from competing companies the company has always tried to be innovative in its approach and offerings. With presence1 in 43 countries outside US and 7,087 Company-operated stores, besides 4,081 licensed stores, the company is on a strong footing and looking after its business interests quite well. In addition the company takes good care of its workforce and appreciates the role of its diverse workforce in taking the company to such heights. The company has been recognized as amongst the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ by Fortune magazine. In fact the company has received such recognition consistently2 for many years now. Coffee or soft drinks are the items which almost every individual loves to have every now and then. But as far as eating and drinking habits are concerned, an individual loves to go for the taste which suits him or her. Therefore, for new entrants the main challenging task is not only to attract the customers towards their products and services, but to retain them as well. Therefore it will be preposterous to think that new companies entering into the fray will overnight start posing a serious threat to Starbucks. But in these times of globalization and liberalization one should not underestimate the emerging competition. For example if Apple Inc, known for computer hardware products, can create a serious threat to reputed mobile companies with the successful launch of iPhone, there could be companies offering coffee and

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