Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Case Study Analysis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analysis - Case Study Example This clearly means than Janisha seriously need help and must be counseled. In fact, even her parents need some advices because their ignorance of family duties is what makes Janisha change her behaviors to incorporate bad and unresponsive behaviors. Therefore, the ultimate aim of this context is to provide proper psychoanalytical counseling for Janisha using knowledge comprehended from chapter five of the book, Counseling Children by Paul Dubois Henderson and Thompson. According to chapter five of the book Counseling Children, psychoanalysis, as a form of therapy, is centered on the comprehension that people are massively unaware of the mental procedures that settle on their feelings, thoughts, and behavior, and that psychological suffering can be eased by making those procedures open to the individual (Thompson & Henderson, 2010). The best example of such people is Janisha who does things absent-mindedly in the sense that through her bad behaviors, she was able to implicit the same to other teens particularly to her friends and her brother Marcus. She influenced her friends to sneak out of school without permission. According to the book Counseling Children, Henderson and Thompson clearly stated that Stigmunt Freud was the initial person to establish the theory and method of psychoanalysis in the mid 1890s. This theory and method of psychoanalysis integrates new insights about human development and behavior centered on psychoanalytic study and re cognitions from associated fields. Therefore, through understanding this theory by Freud, it is possible to solve Janisha’s situation because she seriously need behavioral change and seriousness in studies in order to perform well (Novie, 2007). According to Thompson and Henderson, the main goals of psychoanalysis as highlighted in chapter five of their book encompass increased self-awareness, relief, and more

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