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Marketing Plan Lion Securities Essay - 1375 Words

Marketing Plan Lion Securities (Essay Sample) Content: Marketing Plan Lion SecuritiesNameInstitutionLion SecuritiesEXECUTIVE SUMMARYLion Securities is a security company formed to provide security in all the fields, which include homesteads, offices, industries, institutions, and other areas that requires protection. Lion Securities has invested heavily in the best security networks also providing quick alarm response to its client. It will help in tackling the employment issue by creating job opportunities as well as providing solutions to the rising insecurity in the country. Lion Securities also will sell security-enhancing items such as security scanners (to detect firearms), closed-circuit television cameras, and other security items to institutions and individuals. Lion Securities is founded in order to enhance peoples security as well as improve peoples lives by providing employment. Founders of this business have combined the human resources, sales experience, and system development to deliver a deliver a groundbr eaking, Lion security branded talent matching network that improves the lives of people and help in the increase the nations productivity by providing a safer environment. Lion Securities is set to grow rapidly in the next two years and lay a good foundation in the long-term success.SITUATION ANALYSISIn this section a collection of the methods are used to analyze the companys internal and external environment to understand the companys capabilities, business environment, and customers. Market summariesIn our market summary, we have summarized our market into four areas namely; market demographics, market trends, market needs, and market growth.Market demographicsOur demographic segmentation comprises of dividing the market into group-based variables such as age, social class, income, and lifestyle. The study of the demographics helps in understanding and planning for the market.Social classConsumer needs and wants change with the social class. The wealthy and people with high social class will be our major target customers in security provision.Age Consumers are particular in the services they require and will be willing to pay any amount to get them. In this case, the clients require young security personnels because they are quick in response and energetic in security provision. Through this understanding, the Lion security management is able to make employees placement decisions.LifestyleClients lifestyle determines the kind of security accorded to them and hence the cost of the premiums.IncomeClients income will dictate the kind of security needed and the amount he is willing to spend on his security.Markets trendsWe will focus on understanding the market trends so that we will be able to forecast our future sales and be able to anticipate on dynamics that can affect our business.Market needsIt is important to understand the market needs of the customers. By understanding the taste and preference of the customer, we will be able to offer quality products a nd services thus have an edge over our competitors.Market growthsInvesting in the knowledge of market growth helps in planning and expansion of the business. The company is able to know what, where and when to invest in the new markets.SWOT ANALYSISThis presents a sketch of the position of the company in the market.StrengthsThe company willApproach the clients at individual levelProvide quality services to clientsUse cost effective methods in services deliveryInvest in maintaining customer loyaltyEmploy experienced individuals in the management levelUse invest in latest best technology in security provisionWeaknessesBeing a new company, Lion Securities lacks customersEmployment of some inexperienced service providersFinancing of the business until it is stableOpportunitiesProvision of alarm response, which is overlooked by many security firms, gives the company an edge over other security companies.Using of high quality CCTV cameras enhances security, which is the key concern to the clients.Use of tools like customer surveys to emphasize on quality product and servicesPutting information technology in places that concentrate on technology to enhance innovativeness and always be ahead of the competitors.ThreatsExisting and new competitors in the marketsPoor earnings of great number of individuals thus living few individuals in the market that are targets to all the security companies in the marketPoor economies thus individual focus on other basic needs and considers security as an opportunity cost.Dependence on suppliers and retailers to sell the security items such as scanners and CCTV camerasCompetition in the service provision industrySome of our competitor is ABM, ADT, Allied Barton, and G4S security solutions. Most of the competitors in the market do not sell or provide security materials to their customers or sell them locally. Lion Security sees this as an opportunity and will maximize in the exploration of the loophole in competitors. The company will also insist to its clients to enhance security by installation of other security apparatus such as CCTV among others to ensure that no loophole is left. We offer free consultation services to our clients and advise them on the latest technology they can invest in to enhance security in their homes and businesses.ServicesWe offer security services to clients as our productsKeys to successWe have identified loyalty to customers and quality and prompt services as our keys to success for our business.The critical issues to consider in our business Keeping watch over changing market trendsSealing all the loopholes to maximize on securityMaintain high quality alarm response since it distinguishes us from our competitorsMARKETING STRATEGYMissionTo provide an excellent security service that promotes productivity in institution and individuals as well as creates employment.Marketing objectivesGetting two hundred and fifty clients within the first yearBeing the top ten-security service provid er in the United States of America within five yearsTo become the most trusted security service provider within five yearsFinancial objectivesEnsuring that the marketing plan is within the budget so that it is financially effectiveTo raise a revenue of one hundred million dollars within one yearTo build credibility to be able to access credit from financial institutionsTargets marketsThe target markets are the institutions such as schools, banks, private firms, politicians, and individuals in high risky areas in terms of security. The individuals are above average high income earners. The clients may group themselves and get a package as a group.Position...

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