Saturday, November 2, 2019

Achieving Community Awareness and Commitment Coursework

Achieving Community Awareness and Commitment - Coursework Example In this regard, the leaders are required to increase efficiency along with quality of different sustainable community activities (Bagin et al., 2012). Based on the current policy statements and communication formats, the proposed coursework tends to focus on discussing about the operationalized practices of the educational system of Rome City School District (RCSD), New York based on two major parts. The first part of the discussion incorporates the provisions of providing report card information of the school to a heterogeneous group of community members. In this regard, the discussion analyses the report card information by considering major areas of the school and possible questions that might be occurred relating to the current report cards and communication formats of the institution. The second part of the proposed coursework identifies and evaluates activities to be performed in the assessment that can help RCSD to accomplish its marketing and promotional goals of different academic courses successfully. According to the communication formats of the current educational system in the US, there are a number of guiding principles and policies duly accepted by the regulatory departments in order to increase efficiency of the reporting functions. In this regard, the report card information format of RCSD includes a clear structure of presenting the current educational procedures of the schools with adequate standards, which can be interpreted easily by a heterogeneous group of the community members (Bagin et al., 2012). In order to assess critically the key areas in the current report card information format of the institution, the following three key areas are considered that can differentiate the roles and significance of the RCSD to communicate to the existing community members efficiently. According to an in-depth understanding of the current report card format, compliance with the standards can be considered as a major key aspect that enable RCSD to

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