Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Research Methdologies and Emerging Technologies Assignment

Research Methdologies and Emerging Technologies - Assignment Example The products and services provided by Google are spread all over and are in use by the common internet users. The project idea is termed as a wearable computing innovation by Google Inc. The product is also termed as Head Mounted Display (H.M.D). The new buzz word that has people stunned is the Google glasses. Only this year Google Inc launched the project in the name of â€Å"Project Glass† that is based on a state of the art facilitated concept in the field of virtualization. It is another step towards the already fast growing concept of virtualization. With cloud computing and virtual networks dominating the field of science and technology, the virtual glasses concept will further enhance the field of upcoming technology. People have seen the ordinary 3D glasses and other similar products but Google is focusing on bringing about total new dimensions in this field. The project is aimed at going commercial and officially public as soon as the current year and is expected to c apture large market of customers who use gadgets and other digital equipment in their daily life to a larger extent. This product is a venture of Google X laboratories which is responsible for number of other similar innovative products. The purpose of this laboratory is to come up with such innovative products and benefit the company through its competitive advantage attribute (PatentBolt, 2012). While some term this product as an aliens like instrument and others call them Star Trek sort of glasses, but these glasses are a reality and are just a few months or at most an year away from the public domain. Massive research and development input has been invested into this project and the pioneers behind the Google map and mapping applications have contributed towards this product through their ideas and expertise. One of the person who is at forefront of entire concept is Steve Lee. The product is created in a very crafty manner and instead of covering the whole face, a slim thin lin e runs through the forehead like a thin copper wire with a small screen attached to one side of the forehead . Through the use of voice instructions, the person using the device can perform number of built in instructions namely photo shoot, geological location determination, and various other features. Other features that are supposedly chained to this product include 3G and 4G connection support, though no official word has been heard from the company itself, instead the insiders who are working on this project and have been part of the pilot tests conducted time to time keep coming with information about its specifications(Bilton, 2012). While the early model is said to have a low resolution camera, it won’t go without a consideration that later models will have further enhanced digital capabilities. A small feature that is being explained for the novice states that anyone who desires to take a picture of something that is in front of them ,would not need to bring out the mobile phones, or other digital photography associated gadget, rather through these glasses, they can capture the scene since it is built in with a camera. These glasses might look odd in the beginning but the real end users who are wearing it will have the real taste of this gadget and will be fully absorbed in the digital world. The main theme behind the entire project is to reduce the dependency on the windows based application that

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